Recent Changes & New Faces

The following Ninety-Niners have arrived: to find their full details,
go to the 99th-only pages and you'll see it all there.
Any recent changes to our address list are also shown here.
If you spot any mistakes or want to make additions, please email us.

Recent Changes

Mike Drinkwater, complete new address (8th March 2019)

Mike Harris: new email address (25th February 2019)

Mick Calvert: died, February 8th 2019

Graham Hawkswell has changed his details (8th February 2019)

Bob Barnes, new mobile, (December 3rd 2018)

Terl Bryant: died, January 7th 2018

Alan Birchall: new mobile number (4th January 2018)

Tim Evans: new email address (12th December 2017)

Fred Morgan: died, December 4th 2017

Bob Storey: new email address (12th October 2017)


New Arrivals

Mike Douglas (1st April 2017)

Paddy Burns (5th February 2015) - we heard that Paddy died in 1980

Bernie Perrett (October 26th 2014)

Angus Rutherford (October 24th 2012)

Martin McBeath (December 16th 2008)

Mike Scott (July 10th 2008)

Robert Barnes (June 21st 2008)

Richard Brown (June 21st 2008)

David Newman (June 21st 2008)

Ken Nicholson (June 21st 2008)