Pyramid by Hut 326
Photo by Tim Wyatt

Top: Pete Wood, George Vede, Robin Myatt.
Middle: Dick Sumser, Alan Wilson, Ken Williams, Trevor Williams.
Bottom: Martin Wilbraham, Frank, Gordon Yates, Adrian Yates, ? Witherington.
Looking out of window on the right Tony Whitehouse. Looking out of the window behind - a very young Mike Drinkwater.
Mind you, they all look extremely young to me - I'm surprised we were allowed out at all.
This photograph was taken after we had split into our classes but before we were allowed out and taken at the same time as the war dance. Hut 326 is on the right. This hut was made up of all the alphabetical leftovers from the other classes hence the high number of W's and Y's.  It had its advantages at summer camp as we always knew what was coming next in the training.  Wilson sadly left us after summer camp as he went down with rheumatic fever. He was a sad loss to us all and we had all hoped the medical boys would change their minds and let him stay in. There was also a Tony Wise in that billet but he left early on during these first few weeks when his parents split up.